DS Motability

At Duff Morgan we are proud to support the UK’s Motability Scheme, which provides our disabled customers, their families and carers with the opportunity to drive a brand new DS vehicle. The Disability Living Allowance can be used to buy a supermini such as the DS 3 or a family-friendly and flexible car like the DS 4.

We know that disability affects people in different ways, which is why we provide modifications and adaptations to each car, if required. For example, a push/pull device enables you to control braking and acceleration by using your hands instead of conventional foot pedals. Any alteration we make is tailored to your needs so that the vehicle is easier for you to drive.

Our dedicated Motability personnel will assist you with any of your queries regarding the scheme. We can run through every aspect of each DS vehicle with you, as well as the Motability Scheme itself – and in a way that is simple to understand and free from jargon. At Duff Morgan, we are here to listen and understand, and provide you with expertise that enables you to receive the vehicle that you feel happiest with.

Look for our Motability offers that help you own a DS car at an even more competitive price than usual – often with no deposit required at all.

If you are disabled and don’t possess a driving license, it doesn’t mean that you cannot take advantage of the Motability Scheme. Under the terms of the scheme, it is possible that a family member or carer could drive the vehicle on your behalf.

Vehicle DescriptionAdvance
War Pen'
Advance Payment
War Pen' Advance Payment
DS 3 PureTech 110 Manual Connected Chic Nil £57.25 Nil£57.25
DS 3 PureTech 130 S&S 6-speed Manual
Performance Line

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