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What is Hire Purchase?

A Hire Purchase finance agreement is a straightforward way to pay for your new car monthly rather than all at once.

How Hire Purchase works

With a Hire Purchase plan you decide the size of the deposit and the length of the agreement. We will calculate the repayment amount to suit your monthly budget and the deposit, and it will remain fixed for the length of the plan. At the end of the agreement you will own the car outright and can either keep it, sell it on privately or trade it in for a new model. The vehicle acts as security for the agreement, which means you are in danger of losing it if you can’t keep up with repayments.

Is Hire Purchase right for me?

This type of plan will be right for you if you would like to own your car at the end of the agreement, have a deposit already and want the flexibility to decide the terms.

Benefits of Hire Purchase

  • Fixed monthly payments
  • Freedom to decide the deposit amount and agreement length
  • No final payment before you own the car

Hire Purchase agreements and Duff Morgan

It is our aim to make things as simple as possible when you come to Duff Morgan to arrange a Hire Purchase plan. We will take the time to understand your exact requirements before offering our recommendation of the most suitable terms. We will also help you to choose the ideal model from our range of new and used SEAT, DS and Citroën cars by accompanying you during a test drive.

Please submit an enquiry online or call the team at your nearest Duff Morgan showroom for further details on a Hire Purchase finance plan.