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What is Personal Contract Hire?

Personal Contract Hire (PCH) allows you to drive a car for a set period of time and hand it back once the agreement ends. This type of plan helps you to stay mobile and avoid some of the costs that are involved with owning a car outright.

How Personal Contract Hire works

With a PCH plan you pay an initial deposit followed by monthly rentals for an agreed period of time. Payments are fixed until the contract ends, and the length of the agreement plus a mileage limit are used to calculate the rental amount. You cannot buy the car at the end of the plan, but can hand it back and hire another.

Although you hire the car and don’t own it, the condition of the vehicle is your responsibility. You must return the car in a good condition, so it is important to service it when the manufacturer recommends and perform proper maintenance.

Is Personal Contract Hire right for me?

PCH should suit you if you only need a car for a known period of time or prefer to drive a new model regularly. This plan is also useful to help you decide which car you would like to own outright.

Benefits of PCH

  • You avoid some of the costs involved with full ownership
  • No need to find a buyer for your car when the contract ends
  • Freedom to upgrade regularly.

Personal Contract Hire agreements and Duff Morgan

It is simple to arrange a PCH agreement with the help of the Duff Morgan team. We will tailor the repayments to your monthly budget once you know the size of your deposit and how long you need the car for. One of our advisers will handle all the paperwork on your behalf, and they can also help to arrange servicing or maintenance whenever your car needs it.

Contact one of Duff Morgan’s showrooms in Norfolk to discuss a PCH finance plan and your ideal car. We stock both new and used models from DS, SEAT and Citroën which you can test drive from a Duff Morgan dealership soon.