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Norwich Driving Instructor wins perfect prize for his car!

Blair Wilson, a driving instructor from Norwich, has won the ideal prize for his motoring school car - a brand new set of red AlloyGators to protect his alloy wheels.

The AlloyGators were fitted to Blair’s Citroën C3 at our SEAT dealership on Jupiter Road, Norwich.

Blair – a driving instructor with ‘How 2 Drive’ whose website is - won the alloy wheel protection system following a competition earlier in the year when AlloyGator asked motorists to send in photos of their damaged alloy wheels caused by potholes.

Even though they have only just been fitted, a number of Blair’s pupils have already said how eye-catching the red AlloyGators look on his Citroën.

However, AlloyGators are more than just a great car styling accessory as they protect alloy wheels from unsightly and costly accidental damage which can come from kerb strikes and driving over potholes, plus other minor car scrapes.

Blair, a driving instructor for just over a year, said: “The red AlloyGators have only recently been fitted but already I know how good they are and I’m sure they will help prolong the life of my alloy wheels.”

While Blair chose red to match his car, AlloyGators are also available in a range of 15 colours and fit wheel sizes 12 to 24 inches, so are suitable for nearly all makes of cars.

Alloy protection and serious styling

Adam Spence, Service Manager at Duff Morgan SEAT, said: “We are very proud to be a leading supplier and installer of AlloyGators. We have seen the benefits of being able to provide not only protection for our customers pride and joy but also adding that extra touch to stand out from the crowd. We have customers who have already returned following parking accidents and been extremely pleased that only a single AlloyGator has been required with no damage to their wheels.

“We can install kits to most vehicles of any make and model subject to fitment checks. A great way of preserving the condition of your cars appearance and future resale value.”

Curt Rathbone, managing director at AlloyGator, added: “We’re delighted to hear that driving instructor Blair is already benefiting from his new AlloyGators. Driving school cars can be in the hands of student drivers for many hours each day and are particularly vulnerable to accidental damage, so Blair’s competition win is very appropriate.

“However, all motorists can benefit from AlloyGator’s super-tough nylon alloy wheel protection system. In fact, we recently conducted a survey which revealed that four out of five cars on the UK roads might have damaged alloy wheels. That’s a lot of cars that can benefit from AlloyGators!”

Want to protect your alloys from inevitable scuffs? You can bring your car to Duff Morgan SEAT, no appointment needed for a free 3 min tyre check then we can show you the AlloyGator colour range.

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