DS About Us

We are Duff Morgan & Vermont Ltd, usually referred to as Duff Morgan, and have been trading since 1909.

Our business was created by three men: Colonel Granville Duff, John Delmar Morgan and the latter’s brother-in-law, Commander Oliver Locker-Lampson. More than a century later, a family connection remains in the form of David Barratt, who is the current chairman and managing director. David is related, on his mother’s side, to Granville Duff.

During World War I, mechanical warfare was beginning to have an effect, and Duff Morgan was very much involved in the process. The company was commissioned by Winston Churchill, then the Minister of Munitions, to produce Admiralty armoured cars. A wide range of these vehicles were designed and manufactured by Duff Morgan & Vermont Ltd at its premises on Dover Street in Piccadilly in London.

Meanwhile, in Norwich, the company was very much focused on the production of civilian cars for the people of Norfolk. Vehicles of all kinds were built to order at premises on Stephen’s Street in Norwich. Following the end of the war, production in London ceased and all manufacturing was focused upon three Norwich premises. This was under the chairmanship of Charles Hore-Ruthven, the grandfather of David Barrett.

Between the wars, Duff Morgan sold an array of vehicles that included the Hupmobile and even the Ford Model T. After the Second World War, Duff Morgan was the main distributor throughout the county for Standard-Triumph, which became part of British Leyland in 1968. Just four years earlier, David Barratt joined the company, and became its managing director on his 21st birthday in 1968.

Just two years before the dissolution of British Leyland in 1986, Duff Morgan terminated the franchises it held with Triumph and Land Rover in Norwich and Thetford. From this point on, the company became dealers for Citroën’s range of vehicles.

The company continued operating at its premises on Earlham Road until relocating to its current Norwich home on Whiffler Road in 2002. Duff Morgan has remained there ever since – and at its King’s Lynn location – to become one of the biggest and best Citroën dealerships in the country.

At Duff Morgan we have experienced a lot of twists and turns in the history of our company. Our motto: “Committed to exceeding expectations” are words that we have always stood by. To this day, we have remained committed to delivering the best possible service and quality of product to all our customers.