• Citroën Oli receives ‘Best Electric Concept’ title at Top Gear Electric Awards 2023.
  • Oli praised for its innovative solutions for increasing affordability and sustainability of electric vehicles.
  • Lightweight construction gives Oli a range of 248 miles from a 40kWh battery.
  • Oli uses 100% recycled materials, while vehicle parts can be reused or recycled throughout its life.
  • Citroën Oli concept showcases Citroën’s innovative take on the future of electric mobility for families.

Citroën has received the ‘Best Electric Concept’ title at the Top Gear Electric Awards 2023 for its new Oli [All-ë] concept car.

Oli offers an innovative take on the future of mobility, offering electrically powered family transport that is affordable, light, versatile and tackles society's challenges. Judges praised Oli for introducing ideas to increase the sustainability and affordability of electric vehicles, such as “mesh” seat backs, which require 80% fewer parts than traditional seats.

Incorporating recycled and recyclable materials, Oli is designed to improve longevity, reliability and affordability.

For instance, the bonnet, roof and boot floor panels are all made from recycled corrugated cardboard formed into a honeycomb sandwich structure between fibreglass reinforcing panels and coated in Elastoflex® Polyurethane resin covered in a protective layer of tough, textured Elastocoat®, and capable of supporting a person's weight. With this drive for weight reduction, Oli weighs just 1000kg, allowing it to achieve a range of 248 miles from a 40kWh battery.

Oli also previews Citroën’s future design direction, introducing a new interpretation of the brand’s chevron logo, as well as a new, vivid signature colour – infrared.

Jack Rix, Top Gear’s Editor, said: “Citroën’s latest ‘wouldn’t it be great if’ looks like a moon buggy that the rocket dropped from orbit, but the thinking is deeply down to earth. If some of the ideas distilled in the Oli’s construction can go mainstream, then the EV revolution might stand a chance of being affordable – and sustainable – for everyone.”

Greg Taylor, Citroën UK's Managing Director, said: “I’m thrilled that Top Gear has named Oli its Best Electric Concept for 2023. Oli represents the creativity that Citroën is known for, thanks to its use of 100% recycled materials, lightweight construction, and simplified production processes. It’s fantastic that Oli continues to be recognised for its innovative approach to the future of electric mobility.”

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