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Dear Customers,

As a country, we all need to do what we can to reduce the spread of coronavirus.

For more than 110 years, Duff Morgan has operated with our motto "Committed to exceeding expectations" in mind, this is ever-present in our daily operations and more so in difficult and uncertain times.

On March 23rd the Government stepped up measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus and save lives. All non-essential premises including car showrooms must now close.

Citroën Showroom (Norwich, NR3 2AZ) - CLOSED

Bodyshop (Norwich, NR3 2AZ) - CLOSED

Citroën Showroom (King’s Lynn, PE30 2JG) - CLOSED

Citroën Servicing & Parts (King’s Lynn, PE30 2JG) - OPEN UNTIL MARCH 27th 2020

SEAT Showroom (Norwich, NR6 6SU) - CLOSED

SEAT Showroom (King’s Lynn, PE30 2JG) - CLOSED

SEAT Servicing & Parts (King’s Lynn, PE30 2JG - OPEN UNTIL MARCH 27th 2020

The Governments advice is to cut out all non-essential travel and driving for leisure or pleasure is obviously to be avoided for the time being. As of today (March 25), all cars, vans and motorcycles which usually would require an MOT test will be exempt from needing one for six months from March 30.

Nevertheless, for many of you, a car remains vital - especially if you are a key worker or need to pick up essential groceries.

Therefore Garages have been deemed an essential service, and we shall be operating with reduced staff with strict hygiene precautions in place until further directives are received.

Citroën Servicing & Parts (Norwich, NR3 2AZ) - Mon-Fri 7.30am - 6pm

SEAT Servicing & Parts (Norwich, NR6 6SU) - Mon-Fri 8am - 5pm

Express Service (Norwich, NR3 2AZ) - Mon-Fri 8am - 6pm

We ask you, our customers and visitors to help us by:

  • Calling and making an appointment prior to your visit.
  • When visiting our servicing centre, please abide by our safety and hygiene precautions.
  • Please wash your hands on arrival and on leaving the building.
  • If you or any person you have been in contact with experience symptoms of the Coronavirus including a high temperature or a continued cough we respectfully advise you not to visit any of our dealerships in person, rather make contact via Telephone, Email or Messenger.
  • If you have recently visited any of the affected locations listed on the Government website we respectively advise you not to visit any of our dealerships in person, rather make contact via Telephone, Email or Messenger.

We understand you may have further concerns and if you are reluctant to visit Duff Morgan but need our assistance, we are here to help so please do not hesitate to call.

Our sincerest thanks to you for your continued support and loyalty, we're confident that together we can get through this and we look forward to seeing you all healthy and well in the dealership again soon.

Look after yourself and each other.

Duff Morgan Team