Protect your wheels with AlloyGator rim protectors

When it comes to exchanging your car for a brand new one, the first thing the sales person will do is value your car, and they'll start by checking the condition of your alloys.

With 4 wheels, this can be costly as you will inevitably during your 3-4 years of driving kerb or scuff them at some point, some more than most!

Alloygators are the answer, they protect your precious and costly rims by securing a specially designed plastic mould around the rim. Don't worry if you're the kind of person who likes to keep such things discreet, with a choice of over 15 colours you can choose one that blends right in with your rims, or if you're someone who loves a pop of colour you can boost the look of your alloys by adding a more eye-catching option like bright orange or vivid pink.

No matter your style we'll help you choose the right Gators for you and your car.

How much do they cost?

You get a pack of 4 rims in the colour of your choice, plus a keyring tool - total cost for a pack including fitting to your car:

Original Kit (flat edged profile) £149 inc fitting & VAT

Exclusive Kit (rounded edged profile) £159 inc fitting & VAT

GLOW IN THE DARK set £179 inc fitting & VAT

Did we mention you can get GLOW IN THE DARK ones too?

Yes. You read that right. Glow in the dark rims. These are £30 more than the standard colours - but THEY GLOW IN THE DARK.

How do I get them on my car?

It's easy to start protecting your rims, the AlloyGators need to be cut to fit your your own wheel size, they can fit wheels ranging from 13 to 21 inches to size, bring your car to us and we will do a quick and free tyre size check, then we can show you the colour options and you can choose your favourite.

We'll book you in for fitting, we need to deflate your tyre then cut and fit the Gators securely into place. Once they are fitted onto your car we'll give you a keyring tool that will scrape away any residue from impact to keep them in tip top condition.

Alloygators are a great investment for anyone looking to protect their wheels, we're regularly fitting these to fleet cars, young drivers, and driving instructors love them, they also prevent a lot of household arguments!

Still have questions? Get in touch with our service team today.