Whilst being the largest Citroen Dealership in East Anglia, Duff Morgan & Vermont Ltd also have the largest supply of vehicle parts and accessories available.


Whether you require a wiper blade to stop those frustrating streaks across your windscreen, a bulb for your headlight so you can see while your driving, or vehicle parts for that project vehicle sitting in the garage one call or visit and our Citroen and SEAT accredited assistants will help in any way possible and unlike other high street parts outlets, for a similar price, you are receiving genuine items designed to fit exactly to the specifications of your vehicle.


If you feel your much loved Citroen or SEAT may be approaching the decision to reduce financial expenditure when purchasing parts, why not use Motaquip? The sister company to Citroen/ Peugeot Group, Motaquip has been designed for the customer who may have a vehicle a few years out of warranty but still wishes to have the backing of a major manufacturer. However, even if you are not driving a Citroen or a Peugeot, Motaquip is an "All Make" supplier allowing Duff Morgan Parts Department the added benefit to become your first and last point of contact for all of your parts supplying requirements.


While driving your Citroen or Peugeot of your dreams, reflect the personality of your vehicle and add that personal touch by fitting some fantastic genuine accessories... It may be that the need for bling has become blinding, so a chrome kit is essential. Or the little members of the family have muddied the floor, so the need for mats are that much more.